ShowTime allows you to record video on your original iPhone and iPhone 3G

ShowTime was initially developed almost two years ago and was the very first video recording app for the iPhone. Now it's back, better than ever, and on the App Store.

Recording Format:
  • 320 x 240 px @ 6 fps Portrait Mode
  • 426 x 240 px @ 6 fps Landscape Mode
  • 16-Bit Audio @ 22.05kHz
  • Motion JPEG File format
  • 5x Digital Zoom (Tap and drag up or down to zoom in or out)
  • Upload directly to YouTube (TwitVid and Facebook support coming soon)
  • Email videos
  • WiFi transfer direct to your computer
No time limit on recording. Record for as long as you want, or until you phone runs out of free space.

Video files can be emailed and played on your computer in QuickTime or other video playback software supporting Motion JPEG.


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