Note Pad
Replace the standard Notes app with Note Pad, a fully featured notes app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Creating a new note is easy, just launch Note Pad, and shake. Smart folders take the hassle out of organising your notes. You can create a smart folder to automatically organise your notes based on either the location they were created, or keywords contained within them. You can also search any folder for notes which match your search criteria.
  • Launch and shake to create a new note.
  • Organise notes into folders.
  • Create smart folders based on location or keywords.
  • Send notes to any email address.
  • Sync notes over WiFi to or from any PC or Mac.


Sync is the desktop applications which runs on MacOS or Windows and allows you to sync your notes to your computer over WiFi.

Download the MacOS version here
Download the Windows version here

Windows Requirements:
Windows users must download and install the following additional software before using Sync:
Bonjour For Windows
Quicktime For Windows


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