Face Match
Face Match brings face detection and recognition to the iPhone.

Simply take a photo, and Face Match will detect and attempt to recognize people in the photo.

Face Match learns every time you name people in a photo, improving recognition accuracy the more you use it.

Face Match integrates into Facebook, searching your friends as you tag photos. You can also upload photos right from Faces to Facebook.

Snap A Photo

To get started use Face Match, simply tap the "+" button on the top right to take a photo, or choose a photo you've already taken.

Once you've chosen your photo, Face Match processes it and sends it off to our servers for face detection and recognition.
Confirm Faces

Once detection and recognition is complete, you'll see white frames around the faces which have been detected. Simply tap on the face to bring up the confirmation overlay.

If Faces has recognized someone from previously uploaded photos, you'll see a possible name match in the box.

If the possible match is correct, simply tap the green tick button to confirm it. If it's incorrect, tap the red cross button, and another possible match will be shown.
If there are no more matches, "Unknown" will be displayed. You can tap on the name field to manually enter a name.

Face Match integrates with your built in contacts, as well as your Facebook account. When you start typing, Facebook friends, contacts from your iPhone's address book, as well as face names already existing in the Face Match database are searched and displayed for quick selection.

You can also leave detected faces untagged, for future editing. Face Match will warn you when any face has not been confirmed before saving, these faces will appear in a special "Unknown" face on the main screen.
Upload To Facebook

Once you've tagged people in your photos, you can upload them straight to your Facebook page. All the names you entered are also uploaded to Facebook automatically. If you selected one of your Facebook friends while tagging a face, their face tag will be linked directly to their Facebook ID.

Note: Face Match requires an internet connection for use. Face detection and recognition is performed on our servers. All information you transmit to our servers is private to your account.

Images transfered FROM your computer TO your iPhone / iPod Touch are low resolution, significantly decreasing face detection success, for best results, use images taken using the built in camera on the iPhone, or images saved from Safari on the phone.


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